The PrimeCare Commitment to you:

We are Aged Care Service Specialists.

We don't do anything else!

  • Reduce your income tested or means tested care fees
  • Explore all options to maximise your Centrelink / Veterans Pension
  • Explain the fees, charges and entry and exit costs
  • Explore options to retain the family home and finance the accommodation costs
  • Compare a range of scenarios to ascertain the most affordable option
  • Make all information clear and easy to understand via an information road map provided at our consultation.

We can also arrange phone consultations if you can't make it to one of our offices!

Low Consultation Fee: Limited Offer Available!

  • PrimeCare Financial Planning provides a one off comprehensive consultation where we answer all your financial aged care questions and provide a range of scenarios so that you understand your loved ones financial future in simple and realistic terms. 
  1. We explain all the Aged Care expenses.
  2. Review your income so that you know if there is a surplus or deficit in income going forward.
  3. We then review options to minimise fees, such as the means tested care fee.
  4. Look where we can enhance Centrelink/DVA or other social welfare benefits.
  5. Assist you with the income & assets form.
  6. Discuss available tax offsets.  
  7. Give you an easy to understand financial table tailored for your particular case.
  8. Provide you with a road map on all the necessary steps and support you need.
  9. Assist you with phone support if you require our help.

 All this for a low $595 Limited Offer!

Call PrimeCare today to remove the financial stress of Aged Care. Ph: (03) 9006 1736


 PrimeCare Premium Placement Service

 As we are Aged Care Specialists we visit aged care facilities daily and meet with management and owners on a regular basis. With our in depth understanding of the aged care industry, we are able to work out the best solution that suits you and your loved one. So we can get the best outcome for you and shelter you from further any unnecessary stress that you can experience when moving a loved one into aged care. We help you with the paper work, the contracts and keep the aged care facility costs down for you. We protect you from the tricks and traps that some age care operators can plague you with.

 Our Service Includes:

  • Meet with you to discuss your options and preferences for the prospective resident
  • Ascertain the care requirements, Dementia, likes and ethnicity
  • Match facilities to meet with your preferences and location
  • Vacancy search for up to six facilities
  • Provide researched short list of appropriate facilities
  • Send on the ACAT assessment to the facilities so they can assess their care capability
  • Match facilities within your budget
  • Meet and tour with you at your preferred facility
  • Assist with application forms
  • Review the accommodation costs and fee charges
  • Suggest the best funding and payment options to suit your circumstances
  • Review the residential agreement and oversee any amendments
  • Regular communications with you on the status of the search
  • Verbal and written correspondence with the residential facilities.

 Competitive fixed fee.


 I reflect on how anyone not used to handling aged care documents actually deals with the ‘chore’ of understanding content and signing; and with so many pages, even the simple addition of the schedule number on each page would make the cross referencing task significantly easier. Thanks for your help throughout the total process.  I found it easy working with you and particularly appreciated both your networking and  reliability in following through on the various issues we came across. Despite what I felt was my reasonable background knowledge and experience on the general subject, I found it re-assuring to have a ‘pro’ involved in sorting the key issues. Kind Regards, Colin S

Aged Care Fees and Accommodation Negotiation:

We do negotiate on your behalf to minimise the RAD (Refundable Accomodation Deposit) formerly bond and the daily care fees charged by Aged Care Facilities. This removes you and your family away from the financial maze and negotiation, so that you can concentrate on the emotional issues and making sure you get the best care for your loved one/s.

We regularly save our clients thousands of dollars by reducing aged care accommodation costs, fees, minimising tax and increasing social security benefits also.

Centrelink & DVA Assistance Service: Don't wait in long queues!
  • We offer a service to assist you with your Centrelink and DVA applications and the paperwork minefield.
  • We can lodge your pension applications and help you with income and assets forms with our quick and efficient service.


Call today on  (03) 9006 1736 to remove the hassle of paperwork in Aged Care.


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